Facebook question. v.LIKES


How do I make a Facebook fan page to expose more once somebody likes it? I want to make a coupon code visible available to people who like the page.


Better if possible, make a form for people to like and then sign up w/ their emails?

Either way, I need to make it so the page exposes more once somebody likes it.

Does a Page admin have the ability to contact people who connect with them directly?


As a Page administrator, you can promote activity by sending out an update to Page followers. To send an update, simply click "Edit Page" while logged in to the Page you administer. From there, select the "Marketing" tab on the left-hand side of the screen. You will then see a link that reads, "Send an Update." Click the link, and you’ll be able to message everyone who follows your Page.

and yes you can make a section for them to enter their email, but in likely hood, most people will not do it

I’ve been looking into finishing my Facebook biz page, found this but it’s long and I’ve only skimmed it so far. ~32 mins in he explains how to use PHP to show/hide components according to like status.

Facebook force like, search for it, facebook developers forum documents it well.

Then embed your form on the page. My assumption is you have to self host facebook custom tabs now.