Familiar with VBulletin

is anyone in this community familar with vBulletin? I installed the software and bought at template. I know I can adjust the template in the template manager, but I want to use the CSS and parts of the template in my own page, so things look consistant. I don’t even know where to start to find this data. Like I worked with phpBB before and just accessing the index.html and hacking and slashing from there worked. vBulletin, well it looks a bit more complex :s
Anyhow, if anyone knows anything I’d appreciate the help.

i’m pretty sure there’s a mod at vb.org which allows you to create pages with the same style. i think logician made it.

vBadvanced is good or this:

VBAdvanced will do what you need.

VB 4.0 has it built in.

you beta testing?

It’s out now, public beta.

Basically you buy a license/update your license you can download and use it. Here’s a thread where people are posting links to their live sites:

I like it so far, the new style designing system was weird at first but I like it. Some of the stylevars still need to be linked up, they have some hardcoded shit to clean up but once that is all finished it’ll be awesome. I love the suite so far.

It’s in the tutorials or whatever forum about how to make vbulletin including pages

basically you just include the global.php and some other shit

Is vbulletin still the "best" out there? I haven’t messed with forums in a year or so. My next project is going to include one and I am thinking about using vbulletin. From my past experience, it has the features that I need.

Option for paid memberships, advertising links, etc.

Any other packages out there that you can recommend with similar features? I know there are dozens to choose from, just looking for positive feedback.

I’ve tried a bunch of different forum software, and even though vBulletin 3.x isn’t perfect I think it’s the best available. I haven’t seen the code for 4 yet; hoping for good things.