FileZilla FTP and ASO

Using the ASO Tiny, shared package. I have another client using the shared Small package.

Tried to upload some stuff tonight and I couldn’t get a full connection.

Tried every other clients webspace in the same FTP app (FileZilla) and they all worked flawlessly. Even the one with the small package on ASO.

I’m wondering if the "shared" part is just taking up too much bandwidth on their servers or something, so I’m being rejected?


ASO doesn’t give a shit about the tiny shared people, so they cut off ftp access during the wee hours of the day…

Any info on this? Thanks, I appreciate it.

I had an issue with a small package on ASO where I’d have to reset my router every once in awhile pulling down large groups of files, or else the connection would constantly be denied/not work ( this was tech supports solution to the issue, heh ). I’m guessing they have some wonky ftp servers/settings.

Not sure… h/o.

It fixed itself earlier today, so I dunno wuddafux up, but thanks.


Neither. Although I’m not sure what the difference between the two is. Or the difference between FileZilla’s "Default" and Active/Passive…

Passive is usually the one to go for if you are behind a NAT router (i.e. most people on home connections).

That would be me. FiOS connection. Pretty fast.