Framework of Choice?

I know there are a few developers on this board, just wanted to see what frameworks (if any) you guys are working with.

Personally, I’ve been in CakePHP for about a week now. First 3 days got through 500 pages of an O’Reilly book. This is the first time I’ve used MVC conventions in building sites, so far I am absolutely in love with it. Since I finished the book I’ve been going through the API and .

The main reason for the switch was I needed normalization, I got tired of using a bunch of functions that I had piled up through the years to get what I needed done.

Reason for cake? The community.

Zend, Prado, CodeIgniter etc. etc.

I plan on posting my first project built on the Cake framework along with a write-up of how things are working in 3 weeks or so for you guys to pick apart. A case study if you will for the TWL.

I use Zend for and I looked at CakePHP and they look very similar

dying programming language

i know you can do linux shell scripting with perl

but perl in web apps is dying