Fundable just crashed and burned…lesson: write your own code has been closed permanently.

For your payment security, please do not use or .net.

Contact Louis Helm at
/* */
for customer service issues.

Call 1(800)644-0320 to leave him a voicemail.

Customers are encouraged to use as a replacement for and seek legal action against Louis Helm personally should he fail to resolve your payment issues promptly.

Contact John Pratt at (512) 940-7875 for other questions. This is his cell phone. He cannot handle any of your payment issues. You must contact Louis Helm, as he has all of your information.

Background of Fundable

  • John Pratt recruited Louis Helm to work on Fundable in 2004.
  • Fundable was incorporated by John Pratt and Louis Helm in 2005 with 50/50 ownership.
    • John Pratt came up with the original idea for the site.
    • Louis Helm programmed the the payment system.
      • From the first release, the payment system featured unacceptable programming bugs that caused repeated customer complaints.
  • In July 2007, John Pratt vehemently insisted that Louis Helm revise the system after repeated dropped payments and many glitches preventing customers from using the site.
    • Louis Helm reacted emotionally, locked John Pratt out of the site, and changed all of the passwords. He refused to answer phone calls and emails from John Pratt for 2 weeks straight.
    • The site stagnated and angry customers contacted John Pratt, asking what was taking place.
    • After John Pratt contacted Louis Helm’s father, Louis Helm called John Pratt and agreed that his actions were immature. Upon John Pratt’s request, he transferred the domain name to John Pratt in 2007.
  • The July 2007 event repeated itself in September 2009. John Pratt has no control over the main site, only the domain name. Louis Helm now lives in Asia and refuses to answer customer emails on a regular basis. His payment system is more prone to failure than ever, creating crisis after crisis for Fundable’s customers.
  • The company has a Better Business Bureau rating of F. This is unacceptable to John Pratt.
  • John Pratt’s personal reputation was torn apart on in September 2009, a situation resulting from Louis Helm’s poor programming and lack of empathy for Fundable’s customers.
  • The last resort has been taken: John Pratt has shut down the company through the domain name,, and insisted that PayPal freeze the company’s account, which it has.

Thank you for using Fundable from 2005-2009

-John Pratt

some crappy startup that let you raise money for personal bullshit.

never heard of it

Is it like that one site that’s out now, don’t know the name but green graphics and gray text?

why doesn’t he just get a new designer and redo the fucking site the right way -> change the name servers

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