Geocities/Homestead is what got me started in this game

It’s actually a pretty huge deal to me watching Geocities close down.

It’s also scary that all that’s really change, is animated rotating "email me" icons have been replaced with animated glitter text

Mine too…back when I first learned html. Think I still have a copy of my first "site" somewhere lol.

For some reason I thought geocities was gone a long time ago.

looks like freewebs won the decade long battle

I forgot about homestead.. crazy.. I remember using those 2 and angelfire when first starting.. gaming clan sites ftw

kinda sad. I never built a site there, but remember visiting many geocities sites from aol ( ) when I started playing online 10 or so years ago.

Here’s a link to the Yahoo! FAQs about GeoCities:

I should’ve screenshotted my old Geocities sites and Tripod sites

has made an attempt to backup most of geocities sites. Dude was working nights in order to make it within the 6 days. He is still processing the data, so not everything works. But he grabbed terabytes of data.


My first site was on geocites. But im wayy past that now.