Getting a forum (not general, targetted at motorcycle riders) going..

Trying to get a little forum going, just for fun. Don’t plan on making money off it, just trying to fill a gap (all our local motorcycle forums are basically elitist cum-stains )..

What’s the best way to go about getting a targetted forum going? Don’t want to spam general forums since we mostly just want to get local riders onto it.. and quality members > quantity in this case..


cheap business card printed up and hand out at bike nights or places where you hang out with your fellow riders

local forums, friends/family, flyers in local shops, host an event, local bars.

also, might be a decent route to look into. you would be able to make a group, get a following, then shuttle them to your forum.

Thanks for the ideas guys..

Going to get some cards printed up, hand them out at meets etc. Also will try get some flyers put in local bike shops.. got a few around here.

Probably, it’s the same host (but different account)..

Both the hacked site, and this one, are just experiments. For my serious/work stuff, I have a dedicated server. I just don’t like playing with open source scripts on my primary server, for that EXACT reason, so I get cheap shared hosting accounts to mess with smaller projects.