GoDaddy .com and .net renewals $7.99, Private Reg $3.99 coupon


Brought my $250 order down to $141.

shit I could have used that earlier this week

EDU to seamlessly move everything to another registrar of comparable quality and prices?

You know what’s annoying about GoDaddy? There’s an option to pay via PayPal but when you log in, you can’t use your existing PayPal balance. You have to add a credit card. wtf? There’s an option to pay with credit card on the GoDaddy site. Why even bother logging into PayPal?

most of the coupons are only for credit cards. Regular payments and shit can be done easily with paypal.

at anyone still using GoDaddy.

I can’t even be bothered ranting about how idiotic that is these days, to trust them with your site.

Not much to it. Switch to namecheap. I’d say it’d take in all about a day to do everything (factoring in the DNS propagation time).

Anyone using hover? I have a domain with them now. Not quite as cheap though….

that still comes out more expensive than name cheap?

When I ask for an EDU it’s because I don’t know how to "switch to namecheap."

So you don’t know how to transfer the domains?

Namecheap is much cleaner but I hate their "domain manager". Big pain for messing with multiple domains at a time. I would have dozens of pages of domains to weed through.

Also, if you don’t have at least 50 (I think?) domains at namecheap, you don’t get the cheapest rate. But even then, I think godaddy is always cheaper in the end. Saving $1-3 bucks per domain adds up over the years if you have hundreds of domains and don’t need private whois and such.



Do I get refunded from GoDaddy?

Like if I just renewed a domain at lets say $12 (used an easy number so it’s equivalent to $1/mo) and I switch after 1 month, does GoDaddy refund me the remaining $11?

no you won’t be refunded. also, if you just purchased the domain I think you have to wait 60 or 90 days before you can even transfer it.

I just renewed most of them less than a week ago. I’ll just wait until next year.