GoDaddy Coupon

posted this in the main on accident

GoDaddy is offering Domain Name Registration (new domains only) for $1 for 1 year with code ACES1.
May be used for COM, US, MOBI, BIZ, NET, ORG, CA, CO.UK and IN
Additional 18-cent ICANN fee applies.

Can you do this with multiple domains? I’ve still been holding off on buying the twenty + domain names I’ve been needing. If so that is an awesome code, thanks for sharing! When does this expire as well, sorry to ask a lot of questions.

Can only use it on one domain….. and only 1 time per account it looks like.

Bummer, but thanks for the heads up.

Damn! wish that code worked on multiple domains too! Have a huge list to tackle myself…

Revision3 has some good codes, esp if you are buying 20+ about 8 bux each if you use the domain discount, but if you buy that many you can also use some better codes ( 25% off
Plus if you buy 6 or more you get the private registration ($10per domain value, for anonymous WHOIS)