GoDaddy registration .com/net/org/etc. for $1.49

Use coupon code ‘WINTER149’. Works as a registration or transfer. Only one per account or one at a time or something, not sure.

Got for $1.67 grand total!

there is usually no dates on it, it usually does not last that long though

whats wrong with godaddy?

They’re no namecheap

did not work for renewals. used "gdz1112n" to save 30%.

Not trying to pick a fight, but what’s the difference?

only problem with godaddy is how they spam the fuck out of you throughout the checkout process.

Probably the free whois guard

free whoisguard for a year, they don’t push their products on you as much but with the new design and recent changes I’m sure it’s going to change soon

I got a domain with this code and for the first time I got hit with one of their add-on hosting traps somehow. I’ve never been hit with that shit before! Anyway, after a few emails back and forth with support I got it taken off.

you didn’t watch what you were clicking

Switch to namecheap this weekend for only $3.99

Expired? or just ineligible… :-/

Thanks anyway.

The promo code you entered is invalid, expired, or ineligible for the items you are purchasing.

Yeah, namecheap is cheaper and Godaddy’s checkout process is a fucking mess with products push all over the screen.

Godaddy’s website is the Times Square of the internet. Too many ads of ridiculous proportions while trying to buy a simple domain.

ORLY YOU DON’T SAY? Maybe that is why namecheap is a million times better

newest cheap code: GETLUCKY

$1.19 reg I think.

GETLUCKY is only for new customers; less than one year…

I was wondernig why it didn’t want to work for the 2 year registration it has as default.