good cheapish host that includes invision board?

Whats a good cheapish hosting site? Also wud like one that includes ipb invision forum software download..if thats a thing. I dont have the $ for vbulletin

. Went through my cpanel and the only easy install forums they have listed through fantastico is phpbb and SMF. However, one of the two will be all you need. Don’t think they make a free IPB invision self hosted board. I could be wrong though

They do however have this which would be completely free but you’d be limited in the things you can do with it.

smf ftw, uee tinyportal with it and skin it yourself

Wtf, that includes Invision board?

You can install Invision board on ANY host that supports a LAMP stack.

well do any of you know where i could find someone trying to sell their vb liscense for cheap or their ipb license

Good look on any IM or make a thread trying to buy one, easy to find one.. I’ve bought and sold them before…

good look on any IM?… where do i ask about buying one?


you might find one on places like digital point, wicked fire, sitepoint, etc.

motherfucker but it’s obvious by your lack of searching your damn self that this will without a doubt, fail.


I hope they steal all of your money


I hope they steal all of your money

they just say they will help you install it. you have to buy it first…

seriously if you need this much help and hand holding, give up, you can’t handle what you want to do

I feel bad even responding to this guy.. I mean he should just quit IM, seriously begging to be spoon fed and taken hand in hand for something he should be doing. No excuse for being lazy… How do you expect to be successful if you can’t even spend 5 min working or researching something.

what is IM?… and ive ran a vbulletin before years ago… i can handle it i just dont kno where i would ask to buy one for cheap? and i was hoping there was a host that gave u free ipb at least

We are not going to hold your hand and do your work for you. We will help you with questions about coding and what not. You wanting us to link you to where you can get it cheap or free is not that, it is doing your work for you. If you are too lazy to google it and contact companies and see what they offer you, then this is not for you. It only gets harder after getting a host and what not, so throw in the towel.

im not lazy… i just dont know any sites to ask someone if they have a vbulletin for sale for way cheaper……………

it’s been mentioned in this thread. You’re either completely retarded or trolling

and with that, I will lock this thread.