Good reliable hosting with domain?

Whats a good reliable host for starting a forum and is it best to register the domain through them or?

I dont own vb yet but why did the price increase so much? Used to be 160$ now its 260$ or am i missing a cheaper option on their site?

looking for answers now… please answer me

Are you listening people, he want’s answers, and he wants them

Someone else on here mentioned Webfaction and I tried it out and have it to be the best hosting in the 10/month range I’ve used over the years.

I used a coupon I found here and got three years for around $140.00

Some places will give you a free domain, webfaction does not. I just put all of mine on

any other options? im trying to pay month by month and id like it to include phpbb or ipb

You ever look into using amazon web services ?

whats that? is godaddy hosting any good? the reviews on google werent good but anyone know forsure? i need a cheap hosting plan that isnt gonna make me lose my site…

something like $7 a month would be ideal for a beginning forum

its a hobby

but you have to pay the whole year upfront