Good video hosting service to use on client’s website?

I’m building a website for someone which will primarily serve as a place for him to post his videos and have them stream off the website. I had him purchase vimeo but it is exceedingly complicated to make external links on the website control the player. I can’t get it to work properly =/

anyone know anything other than youtube?

have you had any experience using their froogaloop API dealy? it’s freaking killing me.

Have you tried using easier to configure players in conjunction with vimeo? Google found some plugins that may allow you to do that..

I’m not 100% sure on how those plugins help. I am able to embed video in my website. What I am trying to accomplish is being able to seek to different times or pause the video etc through hyperlinks.

here’s my site

these are some of the controls I’d like to implement.. but I can’t get it to work even directly copying their source