Google Earth KML question: Is there any benefit to using typed data?

I’m working on a product that exports GIS data to KML, and one of the things I have to figure out is whether it’s worth the extra trouble to store "extended data" fields as typed data, which requires constructing a Schema that describes the data-type of each field. Google’s KML reference says that Google Earth doesn’t care about data types for "extended data", but that some other applications might care. Any data my product exports will (almost) certainly never be used anywhere except in Google Earth, so it seems like the answer is "no, it’s not worth the trouble to create typed data schemas". But does anyone know of any functionality in Google Earth that might benefit from having access to typed data, such as searching for exported features according to field values, or anything like that? It certainly seems plausible that such functionality exists, but I have no idea if it actually does. I’m just trying to anticipate future requirements, to save myself the trouble of building something too simple and then having to rebuild it later.