grabing parts of webpages and displaying them?

lets say we’re looking at this page

i want to be able to take the image of the kindle, as well as teh description beside it.. and display it on my website..

lets say the website is

is this doable??? HOW TO DO?

also, if this is doable, is there any way to make it work automaticly on pages that require a login? (most of the sites that i need this to work on have a login with a cookie that expires within an hour or something)

point me in the right direction? ill figure out how to do it myself, but i dont even know where to start

thx.. this looks like it will work

shit.. how do i edit php options? "URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration"

came to post this. API bro. request it, handle the XML

this. their api works great. screen scraping FTL. as soon as there is an update to amazon’s html, your app will explode.

i was just using amazon as an example

for the solution given.. the ip and host that gets left after grabbing the content is " –" … what gives? its good that its not my actual ip and host, and that no referer is passed.. but seems sort of random..