Guestbook CGI

I’ve got a 3rd party CGI Guestbook script from here:

cPanel says I need to put it here:

I tried getting to the above through filezilla, and it says it doesn’t exist…

So, I instead put it in cPanel’s cgi-bin here:

and updated the code to do so, but alas:


Need to get to my current dead end job so I’ll post any code later if needed.


You don’t visit public_html in your browser, public_html is your document root. So you need to visit

That said, I really wouldn’t bother with some outdated freeware perl guestbook script… more than likely it’ll be insecure as fuck.

Takes me back to 2001 where I used to sell my modified wwwboard script


I really have no idea what I’m doing here, just trying to put up what a client asked me to. Sound’s like it’s shit though.

drpepper: I’ll try that, thanks.


WALL of text…

Is there any place that offers up decent free scripts? Like a guestbook? That myself as a nub could set up?


its all about content management systems today bro

dont even waste your time

Don’t use CGI in the first place. There’s plenty of PHP stuff that’s a shit-tonne easier to setup..

Simple, PHP, no database, easy setup. Done.

Right on, right on. I’ll have a go at it. Thanks all.