Hey All Just Checking In! Seeing How Everyone’s Been.

, TWL has been pretty slow lately.

Hows everyone doing, what’s the latest gossip or your most recent success story? I’ll share: Glad I got out of EMD’s years ago, unfortunate for webmasters with Google’s new update. On all the forums, people are freaking out taking hits on 90% of their sites, lol. I wonder if that was the "shocking" and "jolting" update G tweeted about…

Sucks for the EMDs with legit content.

For the last month or so I’ve thought that Bing delivers more relevant search results.

Unfortunately, no one uses Bing.

I also hate it when I search for something on Google and the first two pages are 80% youtube vids. If I wanted to see a vid I would have gone to youtube and searched.

Sucks for the EMDs with legit content.

For the last month or so I’ve thought that Bing delivers more relevant search results.

Unfortunately, no one uses Bing.

It pains me to say this, but I’ve been having better results with Google. I’m slowly trying to change over to Bing..

Yeah, hate that.

It pains me to say this, but I’ve been having better results with Google. I’m slowly trying to change over to Bing..

Yeah, hate that.

I also hate it when the first page of Google is YouTube YouTube amazon ehow livestrong livestrong eBay amazon YouTube ehow.

First of all, I hate multiple consecutive results from the same domain in the SERPs. Second of all, livestrong ranks for just about everything but it’s just high level info summarized from other sites which is specifically what Google has said they don’t want.

It’s a good organization and all, but they don’t need to dominate the SERPs for everything, and they certainly don’t need multiple listings on page one (nor does anyone, for that matter).

I’m not ready to jump on the tinfoil hat wearing Google-is-fucking-over-the-little-guy train yet but i can see why people may think it’s headed in that direction. I have noticed lower quality results from Google over the past few months, and it does seem like big name sites get higher rankings simply for being big, not for providing quality information. When I want to learn about something, I often have to skip a few pages into the results to get past all the YouTube and ehow bullshit.

And I also hate it when a big site ranks a fucking placeholder page simply cuz it’s on the big site. One manifestation of this is when you see a product page, often in position 2 or 3, that simply says "sorry, we do not carry [keyword] product." Awesome! Thanks for ranking that, Google! The other manifestation is when it’s a "coming soon" page that outranks pages with legit information, or when it’s menitoned once on a page that isn’t really related to the topic. Way to deliver relevant results! This is why Google is starting to go downhill.

Joe average web user makes a 30 page site about his hobby. It contains great info and tips for noobs and pros alike.

Ehow casually mentions the name of his hobby once on an obscure page.

In Google, ehow is in position 2 and Joe’s site isn’t even on the first 30 pages.

In Bing, Joe is probably in the top 5, above ehow, which might not even be on page 1.

Bing is delivering relevant results.

Google is showing "authority" links (read: big companies and big online stores).

Google no longer realizes that Joe’s site is an authority within that niche. It’s not a gigantic company with a billion links and a ticker symbol on the NASDAQ, but it’s 100x more "authoritative" than the random page on ehow that casually mentions the hobby.

Google is equivalent to asking the guy who owns the company that owns Guitar Center what the best tool is to adjust the intonation on an original Ibanez Edge bridge.

Bing is the equivalent of asking the guitar tech (who actually knows the answer).

This is incredibly annoying.. Bing keeps ranking my inner pages or pages deleted years ago.. They need to rank my homepage and just stop.


lol figures they do this EMD update/downgrade a week or two after I buy 5 or 6 EMD to develop …

Looks like they f’d it up pretty bad with a lot of EMD though with things like people not ranking for their own names anymore because it was exact match

Yeah, googles search is becoming less and less relevant. I also agree that when I want information I DO NOT want to see youtube videos poping up first. I don’t want to see ehow…ever. Or ask.com or any of those shitty content farms. I also don’t need to see pictures in my web search. Isn’t that why there are tabs for the various content types? If I wanted pictures or videos I would search for those in the places they are supposed to be. And the results, after I go through two pages of bullshit, are still crappy.

They are fucking up their own game and if they continue this way they will eventually lose the title. No idea if bing will be able to take it’s place but google definitely isn’t the search engine it used to be and it’s not just form SEOs trying to game the algo.

I honestly think it’s a play at getting more adwords business. Supposedly they got a huge boost in revenue after the panda/penguin updates from people desperate to get their traffic back after getting dropped out of the SERPs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens with people who got dropped for having keywords in their domains.

I think what it comes down to is google just doesn’t know how to judge quality. Like Falconers example of the guitar search/sites. That is very common. Now you usually find that good site on page 10 after wading through a bunch of corporate shit and other unrelated mentions of the keywords you are looking for. They started this "cold war" with website owners and now they don’t know where to go to get a real basis of quality. Links, social signals, feeds…all that shit can be faked. They need to get back to just filtering the content and finding the relevance to the search terms.

Wont be long before the only sites in the SERPs are pages from huge corporate entities with author tags and a thousand pages of related content credited to their name. It will be like the opposite where all the SERPs are paid shills and BS non-content with only the ad spots being real sites with real content.

I’ve loved google for a long time but they are really fucking up in a lot of ways lately.

of course Matt Cutts exact match domains is still indexed and ranked #1

working on sites for 5 different clients and have 3 personal/business ones for myself on the back burner

, makes me mad. SEO’s talk about doing this or that, etc. And on his blog homepage he has zero content.. .. And he doesn’t even use the right permalink structure, and there’s no custom theme on there, it’s pretty much a low quality site aside from content.

I almost shit my pants when I heard about the latest algo update because the main company I consult for has a lot of EMD’s… thankfully, they’re not low quality.

Outside of that, working too much… drinking too much.. working more.. then sleeping sometimes.

Ready to launch a new adult site… will post link tomorrow

Still running JBG

I miss you

I rarely talk to anyone these days.. it’d probably help if I ever turned on a messenger.