Host Suggestions?

Figure i’d try here since main is just a bunch of trolls…

Anyone have any suggestions?

currently on Dreamhost VPS’s for 2 of my communities and ive had way too many issues with my shit being down, so i’m making the switch — also switching from vB to Xenforo

Ideally i’d like Managed VPS’s — 1 for web, and 1 dedicated to mySQL.

i’ve looked at KnownHost, WiredTree and ServInt so far.

I’ve also considered Linode/DigitalOcean and other unmanaged cloud-based servers (so i can go with a couple load-balanced nodes), but I don’t have time (and a little bit of a lack of expertise) to manage my own shit.

Does hostgator offer what you’re looking for? I’ve been with them for 4 or so years and they’ve been nothing but great.

EIG ftl

looking for sandbox vps host for cheap plz halp