Hostgator’s naming convention?

is this normal or did I mess something up?

I buy domains thru godaddy and host with hostgator.

So I got my first domain set up a few years ago. Call it

Then I later bought some new domains, call them and

If you want to view them, you go to and .

But why does hostgator host them as and

I think I heard somewhere that this is normal, but this sounds dumb and doesn’t make any sense to me.

When I access my hostgator account, I do it through

So this leads to the question, what happens if I ever want to let expire, or if I want to sell it? How will I access the rest of my domains since they all appear to be subdomains of

Does every hosting company do things like this or is it just a hostgator thing?

yes it is the way they do it, and I had my account linked to a domain that expired and it was fine accessing all the other domains


The domain I used to sign up expired 3 years ago. They charge $5 to change the default domain but the first time is free I think. By the way you can access cpanel using any add on domain you have on the server

So dumb tho. I wish they would just let you log in from, and then choose the domain you want.



But I guess it’s at least good to know it’s normal.


It’s name based hosting, they do that to make analytics and tracking easy to automate when you set up your 11ty autoblogs. if you go into awstats for example you look the site up based on each site as a subdomain of the root domain name.

If you want an alternative, get yourself a vanilla VPS and try doing it hand written in your .conf files.

It’s a cPanel thing, not hostgator. Happens with all cPanel hosts.

Offtopic, but wanted to add just got my hostgator $100 adwords gift code in the mail today. It’s been years since I’ve used them too!