how do I fix this "permission denied" error in cPanel?

When I try to copy index.php from the wordpress folder into the root directory, where it’s supposed to be, I get this error:

I haven’t gotten this error on any other domain.

I’m not really familiar with permissions. I checked all the boxes on both the index.php file I’m trying to replace and the one with which I’m trying to replace it thinking that that would give me the necessary permission but it still didn’t work. I was going to reset it back to the previous level of permissions after the file was copied.

I was able to overwrite the file by reuploading it using cPanel’s uploader, but why can’t I copy it from one folder to another? They’re both replacing the same file. What’s the difference?

I don’t know what that means. Isn’t 7 a level of permission? I set all the permissions but it still wouldn’t let me copy it.

if you haven’t already solved this have your web host fix permissions (this is not the same as you changing the permissions to 777, which you shouldn’t do unless you have a very specific reason for needing to and you’ve taken other precautions)