How do I grab a domain name I want?

I am looking at throwing my wife’s art site back out there we had before and sold a bunch of stuff on but the .com is for sale and .net is taken. Both are expiring soon and I want the .com but I am not sure how to even attempt to grab it, can you guys give me some advice.

preferred but would take .net which I has before.

if they are trying to sell it for 1800, I don’t see them letting it expire, you are probably SOL

My thoughts too, usually they renew it at the last second if they are trying to sell it..

.org is available.. is avail. is avil.

Considering it costs 13.17$ each time they want another year to hope someone will pay out the ass for it.

true, but a lot of them have multiple domains and do bulk buys, it is not much if they get a big pay out

someone doesn’t understand the domain market or the concept of supply and demand . Also there is the matter of how much revenue some domains can bring in…just by sitting there parked.

BTW who is paying $13.17 to register/renew domains?

lol I do this. Usually wait until I have 20-30 at or near expiration then bulk renew them. Pretty much every month