How Do I Know How Much Works Really Invovled? Negiotations? $10K Range, Please Help..

Speaking to a few firms on this project of mine.. Want to know your thoughts on the typical percentage of deposit. As well, how do you negotiate with these people? Some of them require budgets without disclosing the amount of work being needed. Then they get onto a quote..

My concern is this:

– There’s public plug-ins available they can work off/customize from.
– I’m sending them the PSD files so the design work is already done.
– My features are simple, everything found in those public plug-ins is there, the only diffrence is the design/layout.

– They have to change the design of just 2 pages, search and details page.
– They have to work with the data feed and get it to automatically display on the site.

I have no idea what a real price tag on this is..

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I charge a 50% deposit on a project, I usually don’t write down step by step what needs to be done.

50% is the standard around here and everyone I have talked to does it too

What sort of work?

Sometimes I have clients who want to pay in installments. I never do more work than they have paid for, and I never give them full access to anything until payment is complete.

It’s sort of like… you paid x%, so I did x% of the work, look here and verify that I did it, now pay the rest and I’ll finish it and turn over control of everything to you. I understand this entirely as there are so many scammers in this industry, it makes sense that some people want to ensure the work they pay for is actually getting done. And since I actually do the work, it doesn’t bother me at all because I have nothing to hide.

These terms are laid out before I begin, though.

What’s your budget?

The only reason I’d ask a potential client for a budget before giving a proposal is if I thought the likelihood of them accepting it was exceptionally low (i.e., they have unrealistic expectations).

Was $10K.

Changed things entirely.. People are trying to take on my project with even realizing my inventory software won’t do a feed. Going to use a pre-made plug-in and just have 2 pages cutomized..