How do I update all instances of my old domain in SQL?

I got a new domain to replace an old one. There are a few dozen instances of the old domain name in some of the tables. Rather than going through each one individually and replacing it, is there a way I can just do a massive find/replace? Find every instances of "" and replace with "" Everywhere. In posts, in image links, in text, etc.

I saw online how to do it but only within a specific row/column. I want to do it everywhere in every table in every row.

I don’t think you can update multiple tables at once.

UPDATE table SET column = ‘new_domain’ WHERE column = ‘old_domain’

Alternatively, you can use phpMyAdmin to to a data export to a .sql file, open it in notepad, do a find/replace, then import the updated file using phpMyAdmin again.

I just did the tables individually. Thanks. I think I used this code:

UPDATE tablename SET columnname = replace(columnname,"newdomain", "olddomain");