How do you convert a PSD into HTML & CSS?

I know you can go to file and go to save for web and devices but I can’t figure out how to slice links in and what not.

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Well anyways;
Get your image
Slice it up
File > Save for web & devices
You can pick settings for each slice
Hit save and you’re done. It will save each slice as a file, so, 1 file per sliced area.

Why not just code it yourself?

There was a website that would do it, but i forget the name of it. Also, it costs money

I can attest to psd2html, used them for years. Amazing service amazing code.

you pay someone like me or psd2html that knows how, or you learn how to do it.

You just got to figure out how to use the least amount of an image to create your borders and backgrounds while maxing it vertically flexible. Its just a matter understanding and knowing CSS/HTML


There’s tutorial on PSDTuts. I’ll check to see if there’s a screencast in the members-only area.

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if you got money that you dont mind wasting on.

if you got money that you dont mind wasting on.

I need to find some that way every time someone PM’s me or posts in my threads like this I have some to contribute.

This isn’t going to help me find it faster.