how to respond to this (domain inquiry)

Person is emailing about a site i’ve parked for a few years.

How do you all handle these emails?


I am writing about your domain name siteName.COM. We are interested in purchasing the domain name and wondering if you are open to a sale. Do you have a price in mind?

Please let me know.

Thank you very much for your time.



probably spam. Tell them to toss you an offer

Your reply should go something like this.

Thanks for the interest.

I’m not too inclined to sell the domain, however that can change with the right price, so I’m willing to entertain offers.

Would you like to make an offer on the domain?


If you don’t want to waste each others time, think about the lowest amount of money you would let it go for.. and then throw in at the end "I’ve received previous offers on the domain at xxxx amount, which is not the price I’m looking for, so your offer would need to be higher than that."