Http:// vs www. help!

Hey guys,

I set up a temporary site for one of my domains at – don’t mock the site as I know it’s a piece of shit. The site was just a 1 hour build using the hostgator sitebuilder so there is something there until I find the time to do something better. I just have photos with the watermark on my blog so some traffic has been coming to the site and it was just a HostGator page so I wanted something temporary to put up.

Thing is, won’t work and so if you just type in your firefox browser it takes me to a "Firefox can’t find the server at" page. works just fine.

I don’t understand why this is.

Can anyone explain this? I’ve never really understood the difference between http:// and www. but it has never been an issue before.

Thanks in advance…

The ISP that’s supposed to translate the name with "www." in it should also be set to translate just the site name. The "" part is the domain name. The "www" part is what is called a host header. The ISP for the site needs to direct both the www and the [blank] host header to the correct site. Just tell them to add with no host header to resolve the same way that it does with the www host header.

Http is the protocal your browser is using to get the data from the server. you are comparing to in reality.

www is technically a subdomain of your root domain if you want to redirect to (which you should do with whichever you choose for index reasons) you just need to add some code to an htaccess file in the root of the domain storage space(aka the public_html folder in your hosting or sub folder if it is an add on domain.

you can google for the code " redirect www to non www htaccess" or vice versa to get the correct code…