I domain I sold expired a month and 11 days ago, and was finally renewed today. FML.


shit just updated TODAY. fail.

been watching it for like 2 months.

same people you sold it to renew it? Hate that lol.

Looks that way, since the reg dates didn’t change. Just the "updated". Morons still have it parked, and before it was parked, they didn’t even change it since I sold it to them. I sold the actual site, not just the domain.

At least you know they took a big hit on the renew fee.

National Lampoon bought it off me – I’m sure it’s pocket change to them.

Just pisses me off that they bought the site, added a banner at the top with 100% width, and then forgot they owned it. Why buy if you’re not going to even use it?

lol seems silly. I’ve sold sites for a couple thousand only to have them never touch the sites again. I even have a couple I offered to host for a while which they just abandoned and let get overwhelmed with spam.

Like you said, probably pocket change but still seems kind of stupid.