I’m at sybariteelites office if you do any aff marketing let me know

I can get you approved since I’m at their offices right now visiting just pm me and put in thomor25 in the info box.

what the hell, just did it lol

put down in the business description I know you lol

sweet I’m stopping by copeacs and azoogles offices this week.

i thought you were just bragging again, my apologies.

I applied at azoogles and got an email saying that they got it and would look at it and someone would contact me, but I never heard back one way or the other from them

Can you get me in EWA? I’ve been emailing Jared back and forth for a week awaiting his call. He said he shuld be calling early this week

Seems like a funny guy

I applied at azoogles and got an email saying that they got it and would look at it and someone would contact me, but I never heard back one way or the other from them

I got the same thing with azoogle

whos Jared? I thought Ryan and Harrison we’re the only guys at EWA aside from Ryans dad

ewa was easy as hell… Ryan called me, I missed the call but he still aceepted me

if Pepsi1975 gets accepted, you know it’s for elites


just got off the phone with him. I’m in He seemed to like my Michael Jackson autopsy site

you guys need to message me cause some of you are signing up and are gonna get denied cause you aren’t pming me.

what other networks can you get us into

do you guys really have trouble getting into networks?

fucking retards.

nope. but it’s easier to just get accepted by default without calling and having to bullshit.

besides, i’m always looking to add another network to my list of 20

and I dont see why people care about getting into some new network anyway unless they have some exclusives. Fucking dime a dozen, they are.

not to mention getting referred to a network will likely lower your payouts since they have to cover the referral payouts somehow.

It’s really not that hard to get into any of the well known networks. If you can’t get into the most obvious networks you probably shouldn’t be messing with "private networks" anyway.

types of threads started by thormor in the last year:

1. trying to be balla and trying hard as hell to brag while playing it down and in 99% of the cases looking like a douche regardless

2. "helping" fools out by offering to get them (refer them) to super cool private networks that will make you straight leet.


I did it to see if he was actually there

I don’t get referrals from this network and they pay higher than some of the networks out there. I’m running alot of their offers.

too much hate on my nigga in here

I figured it was not worth his time to worry about referrals

He doesn’t get referrals

way to come in at the end of a convo, yeah I seen that, I was talking about at the beginning of this thread and applying to see if he was there after someone called for his ban

Im just reading for interest here and I wanted to ask a question:

So one dude "thomor" is going around in person to affliates and getting himself (i assume) and others in this forum registered to the affiliates. Under a usual circumstance an affiliate would have to "phone" you to complete a normal persons registration? That sounds very time consuming on the part of the affiliate owner…

no we are affiliates, you mean affiliate companies and it isn’t time consuming considering how many scammers try to sign up and get paid and end up sending junk traffic. Phone convos are a Jessica evil cause you can actually tell if they are in affiliate marketing or not.