IP location vs. server location?

I have a site that the host told me is hosted in Seattle.

When I ping it, it returns an IP address that is in Dallas.

When I emailed support and asked why my Seattle server has a Dallas IP, I was told this:

You are in Seattle. If you were to do a traceroute you would see the issue is simply with the GEO Ip databases and where you are is in Seattle.

Am I not understanding something?

Under what circumstances does IP location not match server location?

For all my other sites, including some that are actually in Dallas, the IP location matches what I was told the server location is.

I’m using this site to check the IP location:

GeoIP data is rarely 100% correct. We have IP allocations directly from RIPE that on some stupid/out of date GeoIP databases are listed as being in Russia when they’re here in the UK.

I have another site hosted in Dallas whose IP address begins with the same 2 numbers as this "Seattle" one. Does that mean anything?