Is this feasible?

I have some friends who want me to set up a bunch of amazon affiliate storefronts all hosted on the same domain for them. Set up in a way so that each storefront is assigned to a separate user of the website. I told them I’ll do it for free if they give me a percentage of their commission from each sale.

So, obviously I do know it is possible for me to just set up an affiliate account with amazon and have my affiliate link attached to all of their products BUT I need a way to track which sales come from which user. That way I am in control of the revenue coming from amazon and then I can dish it out to the users of the website.

Just wondering if there’s a way to accomplish this. Using multiple amazon accounts and/or id’s is not an option.

Also, if it actual is possible, does this violate any terms of service with regards to amazon? I plundered through that document but couldn’t find anything pertinent.


If you want to control that, I think you’d need to use a single Amazon affiliate account and then create your own affiliate accounts for use on your site.. but then you’ll have issues where you get some sales and they weren’t tracked on your site, etc.. there’s the potential for a lot of mess.

Why not just let them use their own affiliate accounts and just make it part of your agreement that they turn over tax documents every quarter or something as proof that they’re paying you the proper percentage?

too easy

Make sure Amazon still does affiliate programs in your state