It looks like there are a bunch of domains extensions for Pre-Registrations

The different extensions are below. And it doesn’t look like you will have to pay anything now. There are defidently some very cool domains available.

The site is – Its been timing out all morning, but if you stick with it and keep trying you will get your domains. I’m guessing it is getting a massive amount of traffic. Also, I found it worked better in srware Iron than firefox.

Let me know what you think …. legit or not .. domains you get … ect

The .hotel along with the specific city domain extensions look very promising!

.africa .bank .bayern .bcn .berlin .bike .board .bzh .california .cymru .earth .eco .eus .eng .fam .film .florida .free .gal .gay .gmbh .green
.hamburg .health .hiv .horse .hotel .irish .ker .koeln .kurd .london .love .madrid .moscow .money .miami .movie .mls .music .naples .ngo .nyc
.one .pad .paris .peace .phone .quebec .radio .real .riga .roma .saarland .secure .sfo .shop .sco .scot .sic .site .skate .ski .sport .surf
.val .vegas .versicherung .ven .web .wine .xxx

Here is some more info:

United Domains will attempt to register your reserved domains as soon as this becomes possible thereby increasing your chances of owning a great domain name with a new gTLD. By pre-registering, you won’t miss any of the registration deadlines.

United Domains ran a similar pre-registration program in advance of the .eu launch in 2006 and successfully registered 63% of all pre-registration requests.

Domain investors and end-users alike with United Domains, including over 27,000 for .web and over 16,000 for .shop!

god damn i wish i had some spare change right now

, I hope these have ZERO benefits in terms of SERPs and don’t rank well. Now the competition is going to be even worse. It’s almost becoming to much to keep up with. Sure you can make lots of $$ buying and selling these new domains, but the overall effect is going add too many sites and variations.

It looks like they will have a big effect. See below:

I know I’ll end up buying about 200 of them though.

It looks like they will have a big effect. See below:

Fuuuu. I don’t even know how I feel about this. It’s really cool but from a business stand point it’s going to be annoying to deal with and start over.

I was thinking the same thing. There were a ton of great names available! I currently have around 100 .com’s, net’s ect and of which only about 30 are somewhat developed. So I have quite a bit of work ahead of me.

I pre registered about 30 today and it said there is a 63% success rate when the time comes to actually get the domain. I’m guessing my success rate will be much lower because of the domains I picked.

If there weren’t two different domain extensions that I really liked, I doubt I would support all the changes as much. But I guess the web has to grow. P

My concern is that these domain extensions won’t be used the way they are intended. For instance .co is the Colombian domain extension and is for Colombia or Colombia related material, but it is being marketed through a few hosting companies as a global domain, which it’s not. Same with .ly. It’s the Libya domain extension, but companies are marketing it as short cuts. These are both second level domains but they are being spammed all over.

If all these new domain extensions are used properly, I think this could be a good thing. .coms will still carry the most weight, but in certain areas the specific domain extensions might carry enough weight to bump out some of the .coms that are not as specific to a search term. And they might make for good marketing gimmicks. To be in the hotel business and have a domain that ends in .hotel might be kind of cool. Same with if you have a business specific to your city (.madrid, .moscow … ect) That also might be very cool.

We might be looking at a newer version of the .com gold rush …. And maybe if we get in early we might make a few bucks …

what the fuck, so you can pre-register as many as you want and there is no fee?

well i found a possible domain with 823k exact monthly searches