logging into multiple Adsense accounts from the same computer

I know Google keeps tabs on this stuff. Say you set up and manage Adsense accounts for clients… can you log into those accounts from your same home computer that you use for your own Adsense accounts without issue?

I would assume this is ok, but I know Google is kind of touchy about that stuff… like if you ever click an ad from the same computer that you have logged into that Adsense account from, you can get in trouble, etc.

I know the Adsense rules are one account per person, so I’m worried they might think you’re up to no good if you log into two different accounts from the same computer/IP.

Normally I wouldn’t care, but when it comes to Google I try to be extra cautious.

I always thought you could have a personal account and a business account

I don’t think its a real issue. If you’re running ads from multiple accounts on the same sites, or doing anything sketchy then I’d worry about it. But if you’re really just managing client accounts I doubt you’re going to do anything that sets them off. As large as their service is they have to expect people to be in charge of multiple accounts.