Looking For A Easy Way To Create A Gallery On A Site

Im trying to build a simple/clean website for my club and I want to have a section on the site to show whos dancing and upcoming feature dancers. I want it to be really simple kinda like on face book where it creates the thumbnail and so on so fourth. I haven’t done any website building in 4 years so Im outta the loop big time. thanks!!!

I’ve used the Expression Engine CMS and it is awesome. You could probably do this with most of the popular CMS’s out there. How much knowledge do you have of html/css?

Very limited…. but my friend is pretty good with html/css and he would be the one helping me.

There’s lots of good open source image gallery scripts the do this where all you have to do is add a folder for new album, and add pics to folders

Here’s one example…..never used this one myself, just googled "jquery gallery from folder" and it was the first

thanks guys im going to try and get started on the site this week.

i’ll build it for you. you can pay me in lap dances

HAHAHA but you’d have to come to ND? Just curious how much would you charge to build a basic site?

I was just kidding. I don’t know how. But i’ll still take some lap dances