Looking for an Otter that owns a hosting co.

I got hooked up with iMountain a few years ago though OT for a pretty decent price, and had a pretty good experience with them. Suffice to say, they seems to be taking a pretty massive shit right now, so I need a new host. I thought I would try to support the community and go with a host that is owned by an OTer.
Anyone want to chime in or point me in a good direction?

No idea, but MediaTemple.com is an awesome host. Love them.

Thanks, I decided to give hostgator a try, I am not at a level yet where I would need media temple, and I read some less than stellar reviews on the low end products MT has to offer.

I know when you start spending real money with them, you get what you pay for.

I love what mediatemple offers but fuck they are expensive compared to other hosts