Looking for somebody to set a site up for me.

Not very familiar with TWL, I didn’t see a sticky on people asking for help so here it is.

I own a domain (DiscountSauces.com) and am looking to start up a side project with selling sauces online.

For a few years now I have been selling the product through other ways and have just now looked at the idea of a website. My whole deal is for it to look clean. Some of the largest companies online are hotsauce.com, eathot.com, and hotsauceworld.com and their websites are either cluttered to shit or just plain doodoo.I am looking for something to be done that looks really clean (I have some website examples of what I like) and that will allow me the ability to add products to it, take away, etc.

Is this something that you guys could possibly do? What’s a ballpark price of what I would be looking at spending? How much time would it take to set something like this up?

ballpark price depends on what you need, if you need something written from scratch, it’ll run you a big amount, if you just need OSCommerce installed on a server without any customization, it’ll run as little a few hundred bucks

my paypal is
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hurry up

lol now you think you’re a designer too?

I don’t have anything right now.