Loves It…

When offers "don’t" scrub or… don’t have any other problems.

Offer A converts at 11% and 30% consistently for 2 months from 2 separate traffic sources. (500 clicks a day)

Switch to a same, but new offer yesterday for a conversion rate of 0%.

I ran 2 test’s and both came out with 0 leads.


Fuck you and your offer.

This is why I’m generally of the mindset: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That’s why you just go strictly blackhat and literally ‘fuck their offer.’

Yep. I switched it to another offer before I went to bed. (same network, same advertiser) Just woke up at 630am to check the end of the Red Sox game ( ) and go check the offer. 0% still. I have heard all the excuses I need. Fuck You, I’m Out. Back to the original I go.

Go catch a fish, faggot.