So has anything changed in this world? Searched and found some older posts talking about how it needed more development time, and it was kinda hard to work with. That still the case?

Anyone have any new thoughts/opinions? What’s the new hotness in cart’s?

I’m needing a cart setup with some features I’m not currently finding on OS-C. Specifically:

Tiered Pricing
In-Stock E-Mail notification
Multiple pics per item
Coupon Codes

Viewing history & Related items on client side
Shipping price/availability flexibility (over OS-C)

Anything you guys have worked with off the top of your head that might scale well to those needs? Or is at least easy to develop for?


Magento is unmatched in terms of what it can do. Anyone that says otherwise was just too inept to figure it out when they tried it. The program is fucking OOP on steroids.

I’ve made a few sites with Magento:

I’m self taught and after working out how it work, it’s really straight forward to customise. I agree that people who complain about it don’t really try.

zen cart is not bad, but I have not played around with it enough to know if it offers everything you are looking for

Anyone got experience with OpenCart? Developer I sometimes work with swears by it.