man I hate music on sites

fucking idiot put the player buttons so tiny in the footer, so easy to miss

website is for a place where they print shit on metal, so the music is not needed

would almost be worth it for an autoplay in this thread

its not even subtle, quiet music.

its some blaring bullshit


I also hate sites that disable middle click new tab.

And I really hate sites that even have ctrl+click new tab disabled (sometimes ctrl+tab works even if middle click doesn’t).

And I REALLY have sites that even have shift+click new window disabled (sometimes I do this when middle click and ctrl+click don’t work)

Listen motherfucker, I don’t want to open the link in the current tab. Fuck you.

I remember when one of my clients wanted to autoplay this video commercial on the website that blasts loud music. I told them no way I would make that happen. They said "why not, it has our catchy tune, and it’s a video.. People want to see that!" Told them it scares people who have the volume turned up, and mostly it’s just really annoying, and left it at that.

the only way I will put music on a site is if it is for a band or musician, regular businesses don’t need it

Whole thing is written in flash too

And their service only accepts jpegs

Whole thing is written in flash too

And their service only accepts jpegs

I didn’t stay around long enough to look into it

what pisses me off when it comes to jpegs, that is what my printer wants me to do bring in for him to print, not indesign, or illustrator or photoshop files, no, just jpegs, he does not even want them converted to pdf

so I use him for shit I need done quickly

Wow, song isn’t even a subtle.. couldn’t leave fast enough

I could understand not wanting PSD, AI, etcetera because they can pull from resources that you might not consider sending with them. Fonts would be the obvious example here, and even sending the fonts could be a liability.

But the fact that he wants jpeg (not pdf, png, tif, etc) is a little bizarre.

you can package it up, and it will allow them to open up the file and have the fonts in the package so they can print them, done it with other printers and not a big deal, but the jpeg has me puzzled lol

true, but with image files you can’t set up no bleeds, no matter the size of the file, printing it out will shrink it and put a small white border on it, so that is why a lot of printers want the design files because of no bleed

he is the first printer I have came across that does not want it, and makes me wonder if he does not want to buy the adobe suite

I’ve had to put music on sites.

Company politics/business decisions.

starts all over when you switch pages

I’m tempted to email the guy and ask him if he’s serious with this shit