Mass E-mail? Bad Reputation? I Can Get a list but not sure if it’s Safe for company?

Basically, I’m able to go around and search local websites and find e-mail lists, take them off facebook, among a million other ways.. I can generate about 10,000-20,000 e-mails pretty quick. I want to send out some sort of special promotion e-mail for the company, HOWEVER after reading a ton of articles.. They say it’s viewed as spam and the majority of the people end up with a bad company image and hate you for sending them the e-mail..

I mean it’s one e-mail how hard is it to delete and move on. But what do you guys think? Everyone on the e-mail is in the same City/Location as the company.. I don’t know what to do.

I really want to send one out, but I’m afraid one will damage the company badly..

I don’t bother reading emails like that and I shit can them, but I do remember who sent them out, and I try not to do business with them in the future

Yeah, thats sort of a tricky situation. Are you trying to do it as a service for the company or what?

This isn’t tricky at all. You just defined SPAM.

You are trying to convince yourself that somehow spam is different if you can justify it. You are fooling yourself. It is spam, it will be viewd as spam and it will be treated as spam.

I appreciate the cognitive dissonance, but this isn’t any different then those porn sites. No one is going to click anything, basically the past 5 years have been non-stop campaigns for not clicking anything in email. You’d have more luck using facebook directly and posting the link or twitter, links and websites are more trusted if they are associated with a person and not just an anonymous email account.

Don’t do it. You will damage the company’s reputation and get its email domain blacklisted.

create a script to add those emails on your social accounts. boom

I manage email marketing at my company. EVERY email on my list is opt-in. YOu dpn’t want to run afoul of CAN-SPAM, get blacklisted, etc

plus spam isn’t very effective for legit companies anyways.

If you’re blasting to a list that did NOT opt-in for whatever you’re sending, you will likely get blacklisted. But it’s also pretty easy to get off a black list, just a bit inconvenient. If you’re legit, anyway.