Mass Text Messaging

looking to find a way to send mass text messages for free. I might do the carrier phone number email address, but if I could find another way, I’d like to. Ideally id like to have someone send a text to a specific number then it forwards it to about 20-30 other phones. I might see if I can do this with google voice, but if not, id love to have other options. Any ideas? Thanks a lot

check out – it’s not free but it’s damn near cheap.

hmmm, this might be exactly what i’m looking for. I’ll look in to it!

The only thing is that it seems that a person sends an SMS to twilio, then it responds. I’ll need to look in to it and see if it can do SMS forwarding. What I’d like it to do is have a person send a message to a phone number, it then forwards that message to the rest of the other phones. Almost like an SMS listserv.

write your own app if you know how to its not very difficult.

I need this as well, but for 8000-9000 clients.

You could easily do that with Twilio.

Here’s a sample app in php…..(you could modify it to grab the body from an incoming SMS)

    // Include the PHP TwilioRest library
    require "Services/Twilio.php";
    // Set our AccountSid and AuthToken
    // Instantiate a new Twilio Rest Client
    $client = new Services_Twilio($AccountSid, $AuthToken);
    /* Your Twilio Number or Outgoing Caller ID */
    $from= 'NNNNNNNNNN';
    // make an associative array of server admins
    $people = array(
    // Iterate over all our server admins
    foreach ($people as $to => $name) {
        // Send a new outgoinging SMS by POST'ing to the SMS resource */
        // YYY-YYY-YYYY must be a Twilio validated phone number
        $body = "Bad news $name, the server is down and it needs your help";
        $client->account->sms_messages->create($from, $to, $body);
        echo "Sent message to $name";

I’m using it for an App for my Fire Dept. Took me like 30 minutes to have up and running.