Mobile phone IP ranges

Is this something that can be pinned down at least for the major carriers in the US? Curious about blocking mobile phone traffic and I’m wondering if this is even feasible. Trying to enforce a rule by unique IP address, and the dynamic IP addresses of mobile carriers is presenting a problem.

Assuming user agent won’t work since that can be made to mimic desktop clients. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks

Finding and blocking all the ip ranges would be alot of work, user agents work unless someone is spoofing.

Trying to implement a 1 vote per 24 hour policy without requiring registration to vote.. currently using IP address as unique value. When you toggle from data connection to wifi back to data most providers are giving new dynamic IP.

Looks like I’m going to have to require registration.

Easy enough to compromise unfortunately

Useragent will do it.

	// A list of mobile devices 
	$user_agents = array ( 
		'PlayStation Portable', 
		'Windows CE'