My blog

lol domain name

Doubt you care but I see a couple things I don’t like and kinda bug me.

1. The length of some of your posts. I hate seeing posts that take up two lines. Maybe it’s just me?

2. Those little monitor icons in the sidebar look way out of place.

3. Your excerpts need to be longer or your thumbnails need to be smaller.

I kinda like the layout in general though. Perfect domain name for you Think it would look better with those changes mentioned and maybe have navigation hover image stay for whatever page you’re one.

Also, what redirect are you using for those sponsored ads?

also think you should just delete this section all together from the index.php

				<div class="comment">
					<div class="floatL">Posted in blah blah blah</div>
					<div class="floatR">blah bah blah>Comment?</a></div>

Trying to find the comment code but can’t its not in the theme php files. yeah they do look out of place I’m thinking of animated them with something like random things on the screens or something. I try to type alot of info btu I can’t shrink teh auto thumbs, and the redirect script is a plugin called wp125 i think.

monitor advice

dude the article about the heinz spotted dick was a must read

you’d be surprised

Right why would any one want to read jon chow, 95% of his posts are about food, etc. and his life..

as of 7am this morning,

Most of that traffic is prob from Offtopic, I clicked on it..

you could at least change your about page text…. haha

has to be in the theme files to remove that portion.

Those little monitors def need something, maybe giving them a cartoonsih look would make them look better. Thanks for the plugin

Your writing needs works, it sounds more like a play by play than a blog post about you/life/monitors.

You need to learn either how to use commas or write more effectively

Movie, Peanuts, and Soap… this does not keep my interest.

I’m going to be doing a macro post soon but my site is gonna be listed on and I’m gonna wait till it gets listed before I do

The high contrast of the bg and post boxes bugs my eyes.

Also, small post previews when you have big empty post boxes is boring.

Grab a nice catchy title and you’ll jump to most read, or just macro it until you are most read. LOL.

Then again, people are writing the worst fucking posts, with catchy titles, quite annoying.

I dont like the design
too much black/blank space
the color scheme is ok but isnt well executed
The banner and sidebar headings feel a bit amateur

Well there is nothing there of value nobody gives a fuck about your life they are going to read this type of blog if it has useful tips, tricks and an insight into the industry.

lots of people are still visiting my blog and reading it.

what do you mean still? That last screenshot from awstats only shows a very small amount of people visiting

I have obviously underestimated the appeal of the life and times of a fat boring asian guy from Pennsylvania who brags a lot and for this I apologize.

considering I just started it its getting constant visitors everyday, I still haven’t found that code you posted

considering I just started it its getting constant visitors everyday, I still haven’t found that code you posted

bunch a spam bots up in yo shit.

yeah maybe Im retarded but it looks like a hundred people a day and bots