Need a web developer for a project

Hey bros, I’ve had good success doing web/graphic business with oters in the past so I figured I’d have another go at it.

I have a project I’m working on that I need some help on. And by help I mean let me show you examples of what I want and what I need it to do and you do it for money, I have no skill to actually do any of it. This should be fairly easy for some of you badass dudes in here.

I need a high-end looking blog type site put together. I’m very picky on what I want/need and what I want it to look/feel/act like. Obviously this post is vague, but you know how it is. I pay fairly and quickly for quality work.

If anyone is interested shoot me a PM with your contact email and I’ll get more info to you over the weekend.

If this isn’t the place to solicit for this, mods please delete

its better if you post up a theme thats in your head, so designer can mock up a design in faster manner. otherwise its just time consuming for both party.