need help transferring a domain from namecheap to godaddy

  1. I unlocked the domain on namecheap.
  2. I initiated a request with godaddy to transfer a domain to them.
  3. I completed the checkout process on godaddy.
  4. they emailed my namecheap domain contact with a Transaction ID and Security Code.
  5. I request an EPP Authorization code on namecheap.
  6. I go into godaddy account manager and enter the Transaction ID, Security Code, and Authorization Code.
  7. godaddy says I’m at Step 3 of the transfer: Accept transfer with current registrar.

wtf? how do I do that? I thought that’s what the authorization code was. or does it just take time? it’s been about half an hour.


the description of step 3 is..

Step 3: Accept/Decline
The transfer is waiting for the customer to accept it at the losing registrar. If the customer does not accept the transfer at the losing registrar within 5 days, the transfer will be accepted automatically

that should mean I’m good to go, right?

Yeah you will be fine. I bought a domain off of someone and was transferring it to godaddy and they never accepeted the transfer and after 5 days it showed up at godaddy.