Noob question v.buying keyword relevant domains

If I registered a pair of available domains with relevant, localized keywords and had them redirect to or mirror my current business’ domain- would that be a waste of time or would I see a return on this worth my -$50/yr?

I don’t know much about it, that’s why I asked.

Unless you have experience in this, buying domains speculatively isn’t the easiest thing to do. You will be better putting up a website at the keyword domains, with affiliate links or a developed website to maximise the SEO potential.

Just doing a re-direct to your existing website won’t do shit unfortunately.

That’s an answer, not the one I wanted to hear in terms of easy exposure, but helpful. Thanks.

without developing them in some way you’re not going to see any benefit from them. However, if you were to setup a "sister" site or a site that does reviews on said business and had links pointing to said site, you could benefit greatly from them.

Exactly, it’s definitely viable if you have time and you think the keywords are strong enough.

Check google’s adword keyword tool to find the number of exact searches in a month for your exact keyword phrase. It doesn’t necessarily need to be high, but obviously then you can work out an upper ceiling for your return on investment in terms of time. Whilst there may only be 200 searches per month for your specific keywords, if they’re highly targeted, qualified leads you may find that those people result in a good conversion rate….

All good points to consider. Two of the domains are keyword strings that already contribute 25% of my visits. The third does less but in a niche market and will really cement me as the sole provider of this service in the area.

Any one either made a site like this or have a good link/example to show me?