Linux server with GUI?

I only know basic command line, so I would feel more comfortable with a GUI to at least get things setup. I currently have Ubuntu server (setup by previous employee) but want to start fresh due to a bunch of services / files that I have no clue about.

Which would be best? I just need the GUI mainly to setup and then can manage with command line / webmin.

Ubuntu server with gnome installed?
Fedora / RedHat?

The purpose is mainly LAMP and SMB.

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Cloud Hosting

Does anyone here use it? If so, who do you use and why?

I need to setup 2 servers and was thinking going the cloud route.

Server 2008 on both of them

Server 2008 eats RAM so will likely be pretty expensive from a "cloud" provider.

You’d probably be better off going with two hardware boxes… but it depends entirely on the application.

Yes. Amazon and rackspace. I only pay for what I use and it’s highly scalable.
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Apparent kickass phone number, how to monetize

Got a vanity number for one of my google voice accounts… it’s already getting between 20 and 30 calls and 100 texts a day and I haven’t even given the number out to anyone I know yet.

I’m assuming a radio station or something owned it prior and I’m still getting call ins from it…

Callers are predominantly male, and very desperate.

Do I:

1. Pop up a voicemail on the number directing them to a site that has some sort of CPA offer on it and hope they actually go there….
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Idea for a Vista/W7 gadget..

How hard would it be to make a Vista/W7 gadget that pings your sites every ‘x’ minutes, and just shows a list in the box like:



Just a random idea. There is no widgets out there that do this, except 1 that wants you to sign up to some dodgy site and add your site details, then pulls the details from their site.

Wtf.. they’re just XML, HTML, and CSS?

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SpeedPPC, any of you guys use this?

Thinking of plunking down for it… want to know if it’s worth it.

Not worth it, the video proves nothing at all.

Are you being sarcastic or serious?

I’m looking for user reviews… is it worth the 497 bucks? Does it PRODUCE results?

i have it have used it, its meh at best there are other tools that do the same thing for free.

I got it then never even used it lol. I’m such a sucker for that kind of crap.
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Turning an XML file into an array in JavaScript?

Googled around, but most of the methods seem overly complicated, using libraries etc.

There’s not an easy way to turn a basic XML file into an array in JS?

XML file looks something like this:

    <unit id="4325" loc1="2hrs" loc2="4hrs" loc3="12hrs" desc="Container 4325" />
    <unit id="4326" loc1="2.5hrs" loc2="5hrs" loc3="12hrs" desc="Container 4326" />

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cPanel noob

Sorry I have to keep asking for help, but cPanel is crazy.

I’ve got an index.html file in the public_html directory, the public_www directory and in the www directory, but my site still comes up w/ the free parked page…

I don’t understand whats going on here. According to the tutorial and some YouTube vids, everything is in the right place…

Thoughts? Thanks guys.

public_html and www lead to the same directory. Maybe it’s a DNS problem Where are you hosted at?

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Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition

How do you guys get it done? Do you hire a lawyer? Go through a website (who)? Copy and paste from another similar website as your own? How about getting paid for traffic to your site?

privacy for adsense and other affiliates?

that’s what I usually use but it’s down at the moment

for generic sites I use this:

for sites that are a little bit more serious I put one together from ToS/Privacy of other sites

The site is actually going to be pretty serious. I have no experience whatsoever in this type of thing so Im pretty much driving blind and going by the material Im reading on google, and help from you guys. It’s a dating website so I dont want anything coming back on me.

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