Online Store Script for Automotive Parts?

Does anyone know of any online store scripts that is built to sell Car Parts? A Performance center is looking to have an online store to sell Performance parts for cars and i was looking for a good script thats out there. Thanks

<kingtoad>Drupal + e-Commerce module</kingtoad>

He’d be absolutely right though.. it’s a slick little setup with a lot more future expandability options than a dedicated e-Commerce script.

You could always design your own… not too difficult. Create and admin dashboard to add/remove/edit items. There’s plenty of paypal/google checkout/credit card classes that can handle the payment processing for you too.

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Never used this in my life, but I’ve got an interview for a job which requires knowledge of it.

How difficult is it to learn? Need to learn Photoshop too, but I don’t think that will be an issue.

Probably find more help in OTAP…

Illustrator is quasi easy to learn if you know photoshop. If you don’t know photoshop already, spend some time on youtube looking up tutorials. It’s a deep program, that’s for sure.

I’ve basically been stupid and used a ridiculously old program for designing for the last 8 years. I can’t imagine it will be that difficult to transfer over to photoshop, and will probably make my life easier.

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I just acquired the .com I’ve wanted for over a year now

I own the .info and it’s now a pr3 and gets a decent amount of traffic from google. as the title says I just got the .com and want to switch everything over. I know how to move a wordpress install but how do I keep the links intact?

If the come to the site from

how can I make it redirect them to without any errors

301 redirect?

put a index.php file on your info site
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Another question v. IE SUCKS CAWK

So, I’ve done a tad of a facelift to my "portfolio" , and it looks smashing in FX.

In IE though, there is some white bullshit bar on the bottom of my content, not the page or browser itself.



Let me know if you need any code.


#allcontain {
border: solid 0px #000;
background-color: #fff;
margin: 3% 17% 3% 17%;

Change bg to black or get rid of it and it will be fixed

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My god, I’m going insane…

I’ve been trying to figure out what the shadows on the left and right sides of a website are called as demonstrated on Host Dimes site:

What are they called so I can figure out how to do this?


The drop-shadow between the border and the background?

Minimal opacity, minimal spread. Flip horizontally for opposite side.

Yes that. And i search drop shadows, but come up with results for images and the shadows being on the left and bottom portions instead of on the left and right.

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EDU: You want to make money online but you dont know how to get started?

You see a lot of threads on OT on how many Oters are making a lot (or little) of cash just by having a website and throwing ads on there. You want a piece of the pie too right? Well, the good news is, you can. The bad news is that you started late and you will need to work harder for this to work.

Making money online via ads on your site is not easy, and can be downright daunting. Yes, you can start a blog and throw some adsense on it and just hope people will click on ads. Unforturnately it doesn’t work like that. Here are some tips on how to get started making money online.
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I’m argentinian Is there a payment gateway that works here and elsewhere?

Just that. I’m trying to build a simple site where people from wherever the hell can pay a friend of mine for prints of his kickass art, and turns out that due to our freaky economics it’s kind of hard to use a single payment gateway to get paid from various places.

Has anyone had any experience with something like this? I’m not going to try bitcoin, it just doesn’t work for him.