Photo hosting site – setup to re-sale pics for profit

I am looking for a photo hosting service that allows you to share/sell the photos you have uploaded…and make a profit.

I know there are several sites out there that allow you to host your photos and sell them, but they keep 100% of the money. I am looking for a site that would allow me to set my own prices and keep a part of the proceeds.

Shutterfly offers this for $/year and a comission.

I’ve looked at picasa, snapfish and winkflash and I don’t think they offer this option.

Any other sites that someone can recommended?

I want "them" to handle order processing, printing the pictures and mailing them to the customer. This would be more of a service my business overs, rather than a primary money maker, so I am not looking for large proceeds (like you might make if you did it all yourself from your own website). But a few dollars here and there would be nice.