PHPbb Vs bbPress Vs PunBB Vs vBulletin

PHPbb Vs bbPress Vs PunBB Vs vBulletin

Just wondering thoughts.

PHPbb -ole school…. been using it for years on and off, haven’t used it in 2 or 3 years. Always seems to get hacked.. usually a hit by some russian porn ad ring

bbPress Seems to be the bastard child of the WordPress team. Has lots of plugins, most are degraded but I can sort out most any coding issues in the plugins.

PunBB I haven’t had any experience with it before but it seems to have quarterly or better releases in the svn. Just not sure about security or plugins… etc

vBulletin Ya we all know about VB… just not in the budget …unfortunately…


Haven’t heard of MYbb- Ill look into it! Thanks!

Anyone else have .02?

what is this for?

if you plan on monetizing the site then vbulletin is worth it

I’m spoiled by vBulletin. I hate forums that don’t use it.

Vbulletin is worth the money if you plan to make the forum a success. If you’re just making a small community/forum/getting something up quickly, then just go with a free option.

I’m going to look at XenForo as well which is from the original Vbulletin developers (up to version 3).

mybb is a very good free alternative. EASILY themed, but not as feature filled as VB. but thats expected since its free.

vb or that new one that the people from VB came out with recently

how is VB "not in the budget"?

The hours your spend customizing the other forums and hacking them to death just to work right will surpass a VB license in a few days.