playing with jquery spotlight plugin

im looking for feedback on design (based off of tumblr since i suck at design)
also want to see how it looks on a variety of browsers among different users.

site is to preview probable nsfw sites with a spotlight instead of possibly displaying porn full screen at work.

will appreciate the the feedback.

lol neat.

I would add a scroll button thing in a top corner like you see on Google maps to increase/decrease the size of the flashlight.

Be nice if the website was browsable too


cosign on increase/decrease flash light size

i have the tld’s on an array to check that a user entered a valid one. entering .jkl wont work obviously.

im realizing it’ll be a hassle to verify all tld’s like this, so ill just assume the user is smart enough to use a proper tld and remove this check.

Could have used a regex instead, a lot of NWS sites use .info and .xxx extensions.

seems facebook blocks iframes for security measures such as click jacking.

doesnt work on spankwire… only the top nav menu works actually

when I tried it on eporner it took me directly to the site!

same thing tested in chrome, firefox, safari, opera, and internet explorer (all latest versions)

neat idea if you could work out the bugs

awesome. I agree about adding something to change spotlight size. One boob at a time ftl